Request For Proposal
Request For Proposal


Our Edtech solutions digitise education and its delivery, making it accessible to all students of India, anytime, anywhere. These solutions are innovative, interactive, self-directed and employ real-life examples to teach.

Target Audience:

For students and teachers in all locations, of all backgrounds

Our Expertise:

  • Centralised team to develop digital content for pre-primary learning, K12 learning, teacher training and vocational training
  • Phygital learning infrastructure and hybrid teaching model
  • Continuous performance monitoring and assessment to ensure adaptive learning
  • Video solutions with multi-channel content
  • Device-agnostic content delivery
  • Online support by call, web, trainers, FAQs, microsite
  • Digital learning resources, with stimulating audio-visual and animated content
  • Virtual Education System in alignment with NEP 2020
  • Online instructor-led training with scripted lessons plans, digital resources, thematic approach, contextual learning and integration of curriculum with life skills
  • Integrated system with third party plug-ins
  • Low bandwidth support, with availability of dynamic switchover mode
  • Multi-platform solution with all standards, features and compliances
  • Single database for all transactions with security features

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