Request For Proposal
Request For Proposal

Continuous Professional Development For Teachers:

In order to enable life-long learning for teachers’ professional growth, we have developed a new-age teacher training course, called Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme. It is a capacity building programme for teachers non-teaching staff, where they have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and upgrade their skills.

Target Audience:

For teaching and non-teaching staff.

Our Expertise:

  • Online SAAS (Software As A Solution) based training modules, delivered in 2 modes – online and blended.
  • LMS to hosts teacher records and content.
    • Several specialised modules such as: Teacher and staff registration module etc.
    • Teacher Career Progression Module (creating exposure to technology tools, contextually relevant curricula, fundamentals of child development and safety practices).
    • Teacher Assessment and Certification Module.
    • Teacher Training Module (addressing their specific subject-oriented roles).
    • Reporting and Analytics Module.

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